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  1. Keith Scott

    Close Button bug - 30 Aug show

    red5230 Yes, sounds good, but better still (although digressing somewhat): From the "Standard" toolbar, in both Word and Excel, there is a 'multiple undo' and 'multiple redo' function which pretty well does the same thing. There is a description to each action, so you can recognise a particular action and go back a couple of dozen "undos" in one keystroke. If you've gone too far, "redo" half a dozen back again. It's fantastic (I don't do 'cool') and has saved me much time. I just regret sometimes that you cannot go back (say) 20 actions, change that 20th action and then repeat the other 19 actions undone! I know I'm asking too much. Keith
  2. Keith Scott

    Close Button bug - 30 Aug show

    Adam If a change is made in a new Word document and then it is undone (or Cmd Z), the black dot remains in the Close Button. This should not be. However, if the document is closed from the menu instead, the correct response is obtained (i.e.: The document closes without a "Save as" dialogue). In an Excel document, both Close Button AND Menu Close are incorrect. In a TextEdit document, both work correctly. Maybe it's just sloppy programming by Microsoft in the Office suite? Keith