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  1. Huskermn

    trouble\ reading main text

    iBooks has been replaced by Books.
  2. Huskermn

    how can get my iBooks application back.it's missing

    iBooks went away. It's now the Books app.
  3. Huskermn

    Memory upgrade

    I always put in as much RAM as I can afford. If you really want to boost performance, while you have it open to replace the RAM, you could upgrade the HD with an SSD. Forgot to mention, my vendor of choice is OWC (macsales.com). Nice how-to videos.
  4. Huskermn

    streaming iphone to tv without apple tv

    I thought you might be able to do it with a Chromecast, but I have been unsuccessful streaming to my Chromecast from my iPhone 7
  5. Huskermn

    One more time!!

    Happy Birthday, Adam. Hope you had a great day and another great year. I know the forum isn't nearly as active as it once was but it's just the evolution of troubleshooting. I still think it's a valuable tool.
  6. Huskermn

    raindrop.io app review....

    Interesting read. Thanks. Made me curious so I read some articles and went to the website. Nice website but missing a key ingredient for me - About Us. There is absolutely no real contact information. The Help link appears to be a direct to another application. I'm betting it's one person who came up with the app and it's impossible to support adequately so if it works, great, keep the money. If something goes wrong just do a refund. PS - I find I don't really USE bookmarks anymore. I have many many many but probably just keep the tab ad infinitum or google the topic again.
  7. Huskermn

    3rd party Watch Bands

    I've had my Series 1 since early on. Still love it. Have several 3rd party bands and never really had problems. I did buy through Amazon, though so I knew I could return if problems.
  8. Huskermn

    Bluetooth Problem

    Actually don't know what model either is. They're Apple and old. So, do you know why it happens?
  9. Huskermn

    Bluetooth Problem

    To quote Ed McMahon - "You are correct, Sir!" Just played a YouTube video sitting at the machine and bluetooth mouse went wonky until I quit.
  10. Huskermn

    Bluetooth Problem

    Well, it's not really a problem because I have figured out what's happening (kinda). For months now, I've been having occasional problems with both the bluetooth mouse and keyboard on my Mid-2011 iMac. I knew it wasn't OS related because it happened before I upgraded to Sierra. Every so often, the keyboard or mouse would stop responding or just get flaky and not work right. I'd turn them off and reconnect and it MIGHT help. Eventually I figured out it only happened when I had my iPhone sitting on the desk. Then, I figured out it REALLY happened when my iPhone was sitting on the desk AND updating apps. Don't know why it happens but since I can reproduce the problem, I'm pretty convinced I have figured it out.
  11. Huskermn

    That time of the year!

    Happy Birthday, Adam. Hope you have a great day and another good year.
  12. Huskermn

    "Messages" problem

    Check your Internet Accounts in System Preferences and assure your Message account is active. I had to say 'Configure in Messages' to be able to sign in properly.
  13. Huskermn

    Reverting to earlier iOS?

    I have a couple apps that my iPhone has warned me will not work with 'future' updates of iOS. So, I am now hesitant to update to 10.3.2. Can I backup to my computer and then restore to a previous version of iOS or does the restore just get my data, etc. back? Thanks, folks.
  14. Huskermn

    looking for some older games for 10.3

    And, if you want some REALLY OLD SCHOOL games, check out this - https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_apple_games Full emulation Apple ][