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  1. Have to say this is why I have never done Apple Music. I was having sync problems in the days before Apple Music and decided using it would make things even worse. I am very old school. I like owning my music and having it on my device. It's why I bought an original iPod.
  2. The world has greatly changed. Not just because there's a new non techie US president. The Internet is now ubiquitous as amazingly enough is Mac OS and iOS (I remember when Macs were 'don't buy them"). We are here for everybody with Apple problems We may not be able to solve them all but we WILL try. We ARE NOT Twitter or Facebook. We're a community who will try to help people with the little stuff. If you're a member, tell your friends who have Apple devices. Time for a reboot
  3. Wow. Must have upgraded the license. Looks much different.
  4. As far as I can tell from a little research is, MAYBE. This seemed to have the best comparison I could find - I am not at all clear about what speed is supported at the actual bus in the devices which I think it the limiting factor.
  5. I use SuperDuper for backups rather than time machine and I have a 2 TB drive with 3 partitions that I use for 3 different machines. I know of no reason you couldn't do that with TM but since I don't use it, I can't be sure.
  6. Never encountered that situation, but I'm thinking it might be related to the game rather than iOS. Regardless, my steps are - Turn off Wii - Close out all the apps on the iPhone - reboot the iPhone. A full restore is pretty drastic, but that would definitely lead me to believe a game problem
  7. Glad to hear it worked out. Love Apple but have to admit that it really isn't "It just works" anymore
  8. Sorry, Bud. Then we are up to 'which Mac OS are you on' ? I have had to upgrade my MacOS several times over the last 10 years to keep up with the expected iOS for my iPhone
  9. Have you updated iTunes lately? Another easy thing to try is using a different port on your Mac.
  10. I recently obtained an HP OfficeJet 3830 that we really like. Totally wireless so we can all print from our phones, laptops and desktops. And, if I want to print something remotely, I can attach what I want printed to an email. Sorry, don't know about Google Print support cuz I don't have/want a Chromebook I also signed up for the cheapest version of Instant Ink, so after X number of prints, HP sends me new Ink cartridges They claim it has saved me $7.50 in the first month, but the savings aside, it's SO convenient to not have to find the right print cartridges at a store.
  11. I've been using Audio Hijack for years. Quite versatile. Also, I personally do a phone backup to my computer at least once a month. Over the years I've found the cloud restore isn't as reliable as a 'real' restore from backup.
  12. Hope you have a great day. I know things aren't as busy as they used to be, but this is still my 'go to' source for Apple discussions.
  13. I've got a mid-2011 i5 iMac that I bumped the RAM from 4GB to 12GB and got a nice performance boost. Running El Cap just fine.
  14. Have to say I'm still old school. I have 2 scheduled Super Duper backups. One is weekly to a always connected external and the other is monthly that I keep at the office
  15. I hear you John! I've never been at that end of the Mac spectrum but have been following since the 80s Hasn't it always been true that the current version of a MacPro is good for several years?
  16. Am much as I hate to admit, it is 'normal' not good not expected but normal I've heard a lot about it and experienced on my 5S but not on my SE. Sometimes a total reboot will fix
  17. OK, after a LONG time of sliding along with Lion on my mid 2011 27in iMac, I was forced to upgrade yo El Capitan so I could sync my new iPhone SE. It really seems slow now (was fine on Lion), so I'm thinking the 4Gb of installed RAM isn't cutting it. I have 2 empty slots and I'm wondering if I can put a couple 4 Gb cards in them or if since i currently have 2 Gb cards, do I need to put 2Gb cards in? Thanks folks.
  18. I've found a couple similar threads on other forums. It seems to be related to usage of a hub but it's inconsistent. Take a look at this one - and this one mentions an app called Jettison which might solve the problem. BTW, Jeff, I'm in St Paul, too.
  19. Wish I could help but the older I get, the less I keep up with some stuff. I'm still using a 2011 iMac on 10.7.5 and really don't even rely that much on email anymore (except at work which is a totally MS environment). I've evolved from phone to email to texting for most of my communications. I also use Facebook and Twitter but they are definitely secondary 'feeds' for me. I looked at Sendlater and Mailbutler and I'm not totally sure what they really do, so couldn't envision what I would use either to accomplish. Not bring to dimiinsh your need, just can't really relate. Sorry.
  20. Sorry, a day late. Been having Internet (Comcast) problems
  21. Thanks, John!
  22. Or, you could do what I do every month and use SuperDuper to clone my drive (you would clone your server) to a 2TB portable drive that I take to work and leave in my desk. Or have a friend or relative keep the drive from month to month.
  23. Another great year of the MacCast
  24. I'm still an Apple guy. I've tried the competition and generally find it lacking. I had a Kindle Fire and while OK, it was no where near my iPad. I also have a Windows 8.1 device and it also is OK. I don't find anything the competition does great or amazing while I often find Apple products are great, not in every aspect but at least something they do. Back to the sync issue - I had an additional quirk when it wasn't working. All the music said it was syncing when I watched the sync dialog and looked like it was on my iPhone but greyed out when I tried to play it. I have often wondered if there is a connection to my lack of iTunes Match.
  25. I had the same issue with my 5S after going from 10.6.8 to 10.7.5 and did the wipe/restore several times without success. It also coincided with going to iOS 8.1 so I was on the phone and webchat with Apple for several hours total. I never did find a solution, it just started working one day. Wish I could help more. I know how frustrating issues can be.