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    Faux right-click on the PowerBook?

    FWIW, the holding the left mouse button down to get the right-click menu seems to be something built in to FireFox. I get the same behavior in firefox on a windows XP machine.
  2. timotheus

    gMail Accounts

    I have invites, timotheus.d@gmail.com put "Maccast Gmail Invire" in the subject line
  3. timotheus

    Rearranging keys

    I've been a PC user for a long time, and have recently gotten a mac, and have started to like it. One problem that I have is that I am very used to using ctrl key shortcuts on the PC. Every single one of the standard ones including ctrl+Z, (undo) ctrl+x , (Cut) ctrl+c, (copy) ctrl+v, (Paste) even firefox's ctrl+t, (New blank tab) are now suddenly using the apple key! Aak! I'm used to being able to hit the key in the bottom left corner of my keyboard with my pinky finger and the other key with my index finger, and I've lost count of the times I've messed it up on my Mac. (additional note, I am using a MS keyboard, right now where the "WIndows Logo" maps to the apple logo key... isn't that ironic...) anyway is there some way to get the Mac to respond to the "ctrl" hey like it's the apple logo key? Thanks ya'll I'll post my switcher story soon...
  4. My podcast feed is at http://feeds.feedburner.com/hpmpodcast My website is http://www.highpotencymusic.com My Blog/shownotes are at http://www.highpotencymusic.com/blog I'd like to get some bands/artists from the Detroit area to feature on the podcast, If you're interested please PM or e-mail me.