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    Are you going to buy a time capsule?

    With vast numbers of people falling victim to Apple's incompetence over failing to fix the bugs with the latest Airport Extreme, I think it would be foolish to spend money on Apple's latest attempt. They need to fix the Airport Extreme and prove that they can get Airport Disks working reliably before they go launching yet another product. It annoys me immensely that Apple have put resources into developing Time Capsule instead of fixing the problems with their existing product, especially when their existing product should do exactly the same job as Time Capsule claims to do (when connected to an external USB hard drive).
  2. My old Apple Personal LaserWriter 320 was in regular use until last year when it started making clicking noises and giving a paper jam error. I'd be willing to let anyone have this, or parts of it (such as the paper tray) for free - you just pay for the postage or arrange collection. I'm in the UK (Bristol area). It just doesn't seem right throwing this in the bin, when someone somewhere might benefit from some of the parts (or might even be able to repair it to use?). It doesn't include any cables unfortunately.
  3. Sony Ericsson released plugins recently for all similar models except mine! Even then, it was about a year after they were first on sale. Still the M600i has no way of working with iSync. Very annoying.
  4. bilbo--baggins

    iPhone on Vodafone in the UK?

    I requested my PAC code from Vodafone this morning - I'm changing to O2's Simplicity SIM only plan until the iPhone comes out. My contact ended months ago - so I'm assuming my account with Vodafone will automatically close once my number is transferred? (I think that's what happened when I moved from Orange to Vodafone). Both Vodafone and Orange have had rubbish customer services - I doubt O2 can be any worse.
  5. I was worried that the iPhone might cost £389 (like the £1.89 for TV downloads on iTunes compared with $1.99), and not include free wifi, so I actually find the deal pretty fair. £269 is less than I paid for my Sony Ericsson M600i (when it first became available in the UK). I'd prefer it if Apple could come up with a 3G iPhone with good battery life now, but unlike others, I'd rather have the current iPhone now and then consider upgrading when a 3G model comes along. In my area 3G coverage is fairly patchy anyway, and with the terrible web browser and screen on my M600i, I really haven't found 3G to be a real benefit to me. One of those things rarely mentioned is the fact that I'm really looking forward to having an Apple phone that syncs with iCal and Address Book. After a year of not being able to sync my M600i that will be heaven.
  6. bilbo--baggins

    Upgrading to Gigabit ethernet

    The Mac that has gigabit doesn't have an airport card installed (and would only be 802.11g) so it connects by cable (I already have all Cat 6 cables).
  7. The new Airport Extreme with gigabit ethernet ports has prompted me to consider upgrading my home network. Currently I have an ADSL router which has multiple 10/100 LAN ports - and this connects to 2 Macs (one is 10/100 and the other is gigabit), Airport Extreme (10/100 802.11n), printer and skype phone. The Extreme connects by 802.11n to my Apple TV. Firstly - am I right in thinking that if I buy the new gigabit airport and instead of connecting everything to the router, I connect everything to a gigabit switch (and connect that to the router), then I will get gigabit speed between the Extreme and the gigabit Mac - and the rest will perform at 10/100 speed? Presumably any performance gains through the path of Gigabit Mac -> Gigabit Switch -> Gigabit Airport Extreme -> 802.11n -> Apple TV will only by minor? In the near future I'll be upgrading the 10/100 Mac to a newer one with Gigabit and that will presumably speed up filesharing considerably. What difference would it make if (in the short term) I connected the Gigabit Mac to the Airport Extreme, and left everything else connected to the router (instead of buying a gigabit switch)?