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    Optimising my dekstop

    I usually have half a dozen programmes open at any one time and perhaps two or three pages in each programme. To view the various pages, I can shuffle through them by command-tabbing or using Expose. However, this can get confusing when there are a lot of pages. What's the best way for me to view as many pages as possible in different programmes all at the same time? For example: can you do tabbed browsing of all available pages on one universal page; can I cascade or tile them; is there a way to ensure that every available page fills every available space on the desktop? Hope this makes sense!
  2. Hi folks, I want to create a smart playlist of all my podcasts in the category News & Politics. So, I create a smart playlist. In the dialogue box I bring up 'Podcast is True;' 'Category is News & Politics.' ... and get an empty playlist. I've tried every work around I can think of but continue to get an empty playlist. How can I get the playlist I want? Hope you can help me.
  3. John Bowdler

    new mac ad

    Love it, love it, love it! No wonder Bill Gates is so pissed off!
  4. John Bowdler

    Optimising my dekstop

    Thanks, guys.
  5. John Bowdler

    Show off your Desktop

    Yeh, love the Matrix background. Should be a hidden message in there. ...but I'm sure there isn't!
  6. John Bowdler

    Show off your Desktop

    Pretty cool.
  7. John Bowdler

    Idea! Paid subsciptions on the forum

    You could have a 'Friends of the Maccast' subscription which gives you extra privileges. Perhaps a Maccast smiley on your Avatar!
  8. John Bowdler

    Mac Tablet

    Would I buy it?...in a heart beat!
  9. John Bowdler

    Easy freezing

    When reading documents in Safari and Preview, I find I need to: boost the font size a few times, change the page to an ideal shape and size, place it optimally on the desktop, etc. Is there a way I can get the computer to do this automatically with just one or two commands?
  10. John Bowdler

    Comback for Mac Slammers

    My reply would be: "Have you ever used a Mac?" In my experience, PC users who try Macs for a while start foaming at the mouth and craving the day they can get their first Mac! I don't need to say a thing: the Mac sells itself.
  11. John Bowdler

    Partial replies in Mail

    When I get a lengthy email, say from my mother in Malta, I tend to highlight a section of the email and reply to that section. Then I go back to the original email, reply separately to the next section, and so on. The only trouble is that, every time I reply to a section the original email closes. Is there a way to keep the original email open while I reply to it bit by bit?
  12. John Bowdler

    Polar heart rate monitor s/w?

  13. John Bowdler

    Polar heart rate monitor s/w?

    I was going to ask that question! I've had a Polar heart rate monitor for a couple of years now. I got a poxy PC cd with it called PC Coach Light. As a result , I've never been able to download my stats to my Mac. Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to your question, but would be very interested myself. I'd also be interested in a cycling equivalent of the Nike iPod sensor.
  14. John Bowdler

    unrated songs in iTunes

    Ahhhh, now I get it! What's the point of being able to change settings on the iPod then?
  15. John Bowdler


    I notice Adam's Maccasts from Macworld have started with an advert. Personally, as someone brought up on the BBC (free at the point of use; funded by a tax), if I have to plough through adverts to get to content I'll just unsubscribe, despite the fact that the Maccast is my favourite podcast by a long way. Ideally, I'd like to see Adam able to give up his day job and spend his whole time on the Maccast. I'd be happy to subscribe (financially) to aid that cause. Please, though, no intrusive podverts.
  16. John Bowdler

    Managing podcasts...

    Nice one. Thanks a lot.
  17. John Bowdler

    Managing podcasts...

    I listen to many short (mainly news) podcasts. I also listen to podcasts while cycling to work. This means that, at the end of each podcast, I have to get off my bike, dig out my iPod, select a new podcast, put the iPod away, continue my journey... by which time the podcast is nearly finsished and I have to stop and start all over again! Is there any way in which I can, say, shove a selection of podcasts into a folder and tell my iPod to 'play all the podcasts in this folder'? Cheers, John.
  18. John Bowdler


    Fairy Snuff After reading the above I agree that advertising is probably the best way to go. However, I'd prefer pay-per-click highly targetted stuff on the website rather than on the podcast. It's also nice to be able to make contributions using the Paypal link.
  19. John Bowdler


    I hope I didn't give the impression that I'm not grateful to Adam for his coverage of Macworld! Perhaps I should repeat that 'the Maccast is my favourite podcast by a long way.' It's also true that I think all the podcasts I listen to have some sort of introductory message, even if is isn't an advert, which I skip over. Some podcasts, though, have adverts throughout and any pleasure listening to the content is just ruined by their intrusiveness. I'd hate to see the Maccast go that way. Also, it seems to me that the listeners of the Maccast are a community. Shouldn't they support Adam in some way?
  20. John Bowdler

    Mac Phone Spec Commercial

    "Do you believe in what you see...wasting my time.." Doesn't seem likely, but boy wouldn't it be great if it were real?!
  21. John Bowdler

    RSS readers

    Hm, thanks. I'll try Vienna at first. See how that goes.
  22. John Bowdler

    iCal not good enough?

    Hi, Thanks for the in-depth reply. Yes, I appreciate that iCal is a dedicated Calendar app, which I feel means it should have more features than the competition. Well, when I go to select an alarm it always comes up as 15 minutes before the event. If I ask it to set the alarm say a day before, it automatically sets the alarm at 23.45 the day before. However, as you point out, the list is handy. If I keep using the same setting then presumably it will always be in the list. Yes, I could go through those more involved ways of setting an audible alarm, but that seems a lot of bother just to get an appropriate sounding alarm and presumably I'd have to do that every time I created a new event. I think, at heart, I'm a Mac User not a technophile. I want computers to make my life easier. Actually, I tried moving sounds into the sounds folder, as you suggested. It asked me to authenticate the sound, so I plugged in my password. However, although the sound had moved to the new folder it didn't come up in the list in iCal: not sure why. Cheers, John
  23. John Bowdler

    iCal not good enough?

    Maybe it's just me but I find iCal pretty clunky, considering it's a Mac programme. I switched over from Entourage mainly because it was 'the thing to do' as a Mac user. However, Entourage not only looks better and sounds better, it also has more functionality: the address book, email and calendar applications are all in the same place. In iCal i find it fiddly creating a new event, the default event message goes off at 23.45 (designed to wake me up!) and I can't find a way to change it. Also, whereas Entourage announces a new event with a fanfare, iCal lets off a single 'plonk' sound which is easy to miss and distinctly uninspiring. Finally, iCal just looks awful, which I think is a cardinal sin for a Mac application. Don't get me wrong, I love Macs and Mac apps, which is why I'm disappointed in iCal.
  24. John Bowdler

    Name for rumoured tablet mac

    Cor! Looks great
  25. John Bowdler

    great math podcasts

    I liked the lessons. They seemed clear and easy to follow. I'm a total Maths non-starter myself but I'm really into Cosmology. It's a great way to make me learn enough Maths so I can at least try to understand what's going on ( at a very superficial level!).