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    ITunes is putting spyware on Windows.

    Spybot identified itunes as spyware!! I call Shenanigans. Can you post a screenshot? Wow! Talk about your all time backfires. Apologies for doubting you. What are the resolution options? Does it suggest removing iTunes? From what I read just disable the mini store and that will stop the spyware. You can read about it here. http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...01306&lsrc=osxh http://www.boingboing.net/2006/01/11/itune...ate_spies_.html The sypware I know is not going to hurt my PC. But every peace of software that you install should just let you know what it's installing in your machine.
  2. twitcommander

    ITunes is putting spyware on Windows.

    Spybot identified itunes as spyware!! I call Shenanigans. Can you post a screenshot?
  3. twitcommander

    ITunes is putting spyware on Windows.

    Then disable it. It's an option, not required. It's not a big deal. Try to be a bit nicer please. inis--wrote I hope i never run into someone on the street bitching about this. I will slap them down with a fury. To be fair you should also tell (inis) the samething
  4. twitcommander

    ITunes is putting spyware on Windows.

    First off I did not ask apple for help. Second it's my computer not Apples computer. If they ask me when I installed iTunes I would have said yes but they did not ask. Second your a jerk. If you can not have a intelligent conversation. Then do not post a reply to my posting please. SPYaWAREness http://www.grc.com/SecurityNow.htm#22 http://www.grc.com/sn/SN-007.txt STEVE: In fact, part of that was the reason I trademarked the phrase "It's MY Computer." Because more and more it seems like people are forgetting that, you know, these are our machines, not their machines that we're just borrowing. LEO: Yes, that's right. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEVE: Well, as Microsoft has now gotten into the game with their anti-spyware tool, that sort of legitimized the notion that this is bad stuff. And people, again, you know, following my trademarked phrase, "It's MY Computer," people are saying, I don't, you know, I want a choice of whether to have this stuff installed on my computer or not. LEO: Reasonably so.
  5. http://www.digg.com/technology/Latest_iTun...ntains_Spyware_ http://news.com.com/Apples+iTunes+raises+p..._3-6026542.html I ran Spybot on my Windows 2000 machine and found iTunes spyware. I do not have a problem if apples ask me if they can read my play list but just ask me before you install spyware on my machine.
  6. you should put this on http://www.digg.com/ and just Submit a New Story!!!
  7. twitcommander

    iTunes 6.0.2 how to encode Videos

    Thanks that's what I was doing I found ont that Quicktime is not taking my MPEG2 files but is taking some MPEG1 files. Also tried a XVID file QT would not take that also.
  8. How do you encode videos with iTunes 6.0.2? Thanks
  9. twitcommander

    5G iPod Compatibility Question

    See if you can buy a USB PCI card.
  10. I delete all my files on iTunes and did not know when I hook up my ipod it also delete them on the ipod. I really like the song before "Jace Everett" free song this week if any one can help thank you!!!
  11. twitcommander

    Why ipods will be number on always.

    One other thing. People are getting ITunes now for podcast. Just any show that hasit own podcast adn they will say go to out website or just go to iTunes and type in XPLAY or something. Until these iTunes knock offs start to support podcasting. They will never get any place.
  12. twitcommander

    Why ipods will be number on always.

    The reason Apple makes ipod scratch so easy--is easy. You make a product that every one wants that scratch and other companies will make stuff for it. Go into any store and you will see a wall of ipod skins and other thing. Is there a wall for any Creative MP3 player LOL???
  13. Creative is really trying to take down the ipod. But they will never take down the mighty ipod. It all comes down to ITunes. A great free program that any can use on MAC or Windows. I know allot of people that do not have ipod that have iTunes. People that use there PC for a juke box. When these people decide to by a MP3 player they are going too buy a ipod after using iTunes. The only way Creative and these other companies can take on Apple is simple there needs to be one program like iTunes. No one wants a subscription services. No matter how good it may be. If I give you money I want it. DIVX the old divx DVD players should say it all. People still did not want Divx even though buying a Divx disc was the same price as a DVD you would rent at Block Buster. Creative Iriver and other MP3 makes have to get on the same page. Or one company come up with there own itunes knock off. Let people buy songs as they want and TV shows. If a ipod Knock off had bittorrent to help podcaster with there bandwidth. You might see more people talking about other MP3 players. I'm not telling anyone what they do not know. But it just goes to show you how stupid these companies are. If you look at the new Creative MP3 player Creative Zen Vision:M http://www.cnet.com/4520-11405_1-6398234-1...?tag=cnetfd.ld1 I really have to say this is a great MP3 player better then a ipod and I own the 60gig video Ipod. This thing will play DIVX, XVID, MPEG2, MPEG1, Windows Media files. But they forget that the mess of people does not know how to encode video and buying them from ITunes is better This Creative player is even rated better with sound then the ipod. And the mass will never any and if they do they still do not care. This just goes to show you how thing are market and how the mass will take things. PS2 or XBOX? PS2 wins with the mass but XBOX is way better hardware. VHS or Beta. Beta is better and see how that did. Windows or MAC. Apple has better hardware and Better OS. But Windows wins with the mass. Apple is ahead of the game in marketing. When you use ITunes you fell your apart of Apple and you hook up you ipod to itunes everything just goes together so nice. Do not get me wrong I love Apple but you have to look at marketing. It's funny with all the money Microsoft has they can not come up with anything good.
  14. twitcommander

    Cool Video of Sony VAIO running OSX

  15. twitcommander

    I hope Podcasting dies!!!

    I cannot stop listen to podcasting. This is worst then EverQuest, also known as Evercrack. So you can say I’m on podcrack. Mac Cast Twit Security Now CommandN Radio Leo KFI’s Tech Guy Diggnation Ebert & Roeper Slice of Sci Fi Mac Cast with Leo Laport great show—one of the best podcast. Now right after I was done listen and getting ready for bed Itunes downloads Security Now—what the hell LOL. Another night of podcasting—dam you podcasters!!! Also what ipod do you recommend for podcasting? I’m thinking Ipod shuffle or Ipod mini.