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Found 7 results

  1. Sendlater plugin for Mail has disappeared and been replaced with Mailbutler. This app offers some great features and I am happy to pay for software but this is outrageous! If you have more than one email account you need to upgrade to a pro version of more than $5 per month per email account with a minimum of 10 accounts! Sorry for not knowing the exact price as it will only show you after you install and create an account and doesn't reveal it on their website. But ++$50 per month to add some features to my Apple Mail ??? I have searched for alternatives but so far have come up empty handed.
  2. I asked this question on the Apple Discussions forum but thought I'd ask here too..... Hi all-I have been having issues with Mail lately. I am running Mavericks (latest version) and Mail is 7.3. First it keeps asking me for my password. I have lost count the number of times I have reentered it! But it keeps on asking. I enter the password in the popup window that says the iCloud password is incorrect. Sometimes it accepts it and the mail downloads but other times it doesn't. The other issue is that in Mail Preferences if I go to Edit smpt settings iCloud is not listed. Comcast is but not iCloud. It's listed on the first screen of Mail Preferences. The other question I have is the Incoming Mail Server-it says (in faint letters, not highlighted) p01-imap.mail.me.com. Is this what it should say? Out going is iCloud (iCloud). No TLS Certificate. Under the Advanced tab it says authentication if Password. Again, iCloud is not listed on this screen. I wasn't aware that I changed anything. I did do the 2 step verification for iCloud today but the password issue has been going on for over a week. Looking forward to getting this mess straightened out! Judy
  3. Shanghai911

    Reply All in Apple Mail

    Hello Forum, Does anyone know how to retain the header details (from, to and cc addresses) when using either Reply or Reply All in both OSX Mail and IOS Mail? When engaged in an email string, especially for business, it is important to be able to see who was addressed in an email from the conversation thread. In Windowz clicking Reply All retains all the header complete. Is there a setting I have missed? Thanks to assist as I am trying to convert someone to the Mac and this was the first objection I hit. For myself I use forward and drag the emails across, then delete the Fwd: and replace it with Re: in the subject line. I have found that it's important to keep the Re: in the subject as without it threading does not work in OSX, while strangely it DOES work on IOS. Another oddity that needs fixing. Thanks for everyones comments. Rgds/Andy
  4. I am lending my VOICE to this crazy evergreen that is so very basic that as an Apple lover of all things simple and beautiful to use, I find absolutely astounding that it is not yet fixed. Plus with the upgrade to 10.8.5 you have disabled the Universal Mailer plug in which was the only 3rd party option able to keep my emails professional looking. Windows users continue to point to this single issue as the reason why they would not switch to a mac, why has it not been fixed yet? Rather than me repeating the problem pls just simply read one of the many threads on the forums to clearly understand what's wrong. https://discussions.apple.com/message/20349170?searchText=universal%20mailer#20349170 I have not yet seen this issue on the maccast forums so hope some of you can either help shout out to Apple or let me know if you have any better ideas. Regards/Andy R
  5. Hi, Today I was asked to set-up Apple mail. Easy enough. However it turned out the the person had multiple iCould accounts and wanted the various .Me email accounts in Apple Mail. Easy enough to do account No1 though the iCloud preference pane. But what to do with the other .Me accounts? I tried to add them as iMap accounts but that did not work... Any one solved this problem? Looking forward to your suggestions. Rogier
  6. Hi all, Is it possible to set a mail message to high priority via an applescript? I've googled a bit and I've read that it's not possible. Background: I have a old iSight hooked up to my mac and a motion detecting program running. When it detects motion I want it to email me (I'd also like to look at using messages once it's out of beta to send an sms via applesript but that can wait till Mountain Lion comes out) using mail and set the message to high priority. I can get it to send an email message using the script below but would like to set the priority to high. Or should I look at creating an automator script and do it that way (if that makes sense). Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. James. tell application "Mail" set theNewMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:"Motion detected at home!!", content:"there is a url here", visible:true} tell theNewMessage make new to recipient at end of to recipients with properties {address:"blah@blah.com"} send end tell end tell
  7. Peterjk

    Auto delete in Apple Mail?

    In order to make my mail box "thinner" I am trying to make a folder for stuff (mail) that I need for some time. In short I want a folder which auto delete item that are older than one month. Can this be done some how? Maybe with automator? I am using Apple mail. (Snow leopard). Any help is much appreciated. Kind Regards Peter