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Found 8 results

  1. Chefpyro116

    streaming iphone to tv without apple tv

    Hi guys and gals, I was just curious if there's a way to stream content from my iPhone X to my tv. I don't have an apple TV. I've tried different Samsung apps on my tv but nothing works except youtube. Is there anything I could plug my phone and tv in to share content this way? or do I need an apple tv? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeremy
  2. Huskermn

    Reverting to earlier iOS?

    I have a couple apps that my iPhone has warned me will not work with 'future' updates of iOS. So, I am now hesitant to update to 10.3.2. Can I backup to my computer and then restore to a previous version of iOS or does the restore just get my data, etc. back? Thanks, folks.
  3. Hi, I have given my son my old iPhone 6 since when I got the new 7 pus. Here is the problem: He will be in the middle of a game and then all the sudden the game shuts down and the screen just turns into different colors. So, he turns it off and back on and it asks for a 6 digit code when he only has a 4 digit code set. This is the second time it happened. The first time we had to wipe the phone back to new and re set it up, then we did a restore from the last backup. The second time it happened we were getting ready to go through the process again and all the sudden the touch ID worked and it came back on. Any thoughts? Originally started using iOS 10 and is now upgraded to 10.1.1 when this second instant occured Thanks, Larry
  4. computiNATEor

    Manual Backup Eating All Storage Space

    I'm taking my iPhone 4 (16GB, GSM) into the Apple Store tomorrow to see if I can get the battery replaced. As per Apple's recommendation, I did a full, manual backup to my computer. When I back up my iPhone to my computer manually (I normally use the iCloud backup), however, I notice that suddenly all of the free space on the device evaporates. Nothing new was added; in fact, I wiped my camera roll (which had about 800 MB of pics/vids in it) and ran the back up again, and it all disappeared. 3.4 whole GB are now eaten up by the "Other" category, easily three times larger than it was before. I would really appreciate a solution, as it has made it impossible for me to download podcasts. :-( Thanks, Nate
  5. computiNATEor

    iPhone 4 Crashes with Flash Photos

    Hey Maccast Community, I've noticed a problem with my newly-acquired iPhone 4 (AT&T, 16GB). Whenever I go to take a flash photo (by toggling the flash indicator to "On", almost without exception, the phone shuts down entirely. After a reboot, and second attempt, the phone often shows the low-charge screen. My first instinct was a bug in iOS 7.1, but now I'm thinking that the phone's battery needs replacement, especially when I realized that connecting the phone to power eliminated the issue. If that is indeed the case, would you recommend replacing the battery myself (I'm pretty handy, but would need to purchase a pentalobe screwdriver) or taking it to the Apple Store (5 minutes away)? Or is there a way I can fix the issue without a replacement? Thanks, Nate
  6. I am currently stuck in the past with a 4th-gen iPod touch that runs slowly and won't run iOS 7, and a cheap Samsung "feature" (dumb) phone with a broken keyboard. I have a friend who has an iPhone 4 from Verizon (my carrier) whose contract has expired. They have no use for the phone, and have offered it to me. My question is whether or not I can have the iPhone unlocked, then replace my feature phone and iPod with the iPhone without changing my family's current cell phone plan (700 shared minutes, unlimited texts, no data for 4 people, all using feature phones). Will Verizon require a data plan to have an unlocked smartphone replace another phone on the plan? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Nate
  7. msteitz

    Siri voice ios 7

    Hi. My wife has an iphone 5. She used Siri very frequently. I have an older iphone, no Siri. She is adamant that the voice has changed, not for the better and not as pleasant. Anybody else pick up on this? I can't tell the difference when she's using it but again I don't have the luxury of using Siri day in and day out. Thanks!
  8. Hello Adam, I really enjoy your show! You don't skimp on information and I appreciate how thorough you are! I recently became a developer so that I can create an iphone app. I came up with the idea at first and decided to take the leap. I have been studying objective-c and I am 'sloooowly' understanding but it is still difficult to wrap my head around this. I have a background in visual effects, so I am use to planning as much as possible before even starting the actual work, plus I am a visual person. I am taking the same approach with this idea because I feel that programming is all over the place which feels like organized chaos if you ask me. I listened to your show recently about app development and as much as I would love to hire someone to help me with my idea: 1) I dont have the money to do so 2) I want to learn programming so as to maybe do this as a career job So I was wondering how I could go about finding someone to be a mentor and help me understand what I am doing. I also want to trust that they won't give my idea away to others too. Is there a site of iOS mentors like a phone book? Your thoughts on this, as well as anyone else, are greatly appreciated. Finally, I was wondering how to approach developing my app now that we have to have a 32 and 64 bit version. Thanks in advance! Ahart III