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Found 1 result

  1. During the 12/26/2017 show , it sounded like you were giving Apple an "out" because it had good intentions in slowing down iPhones with bad batteries. As a person with 1st hand experience with this issue on my iPhone 5 a few years ago, I'd like to give my perspective. 1) I had no idea why my phone was shutting down. There were not any messages on the screen indicating that the battery was faulty. The phone would be ok, I'd take it out of my pocket and it would be off. The charge % would jump around from values such as 8% to 50% back to 16% for no apparent reason. 2) Hiding the fact that the battery needs to be replaced is bad as well. Users should be made aware of their phone's "health" so that they can repair it. Hiding problems by slowing down the processor makes the phone more difficult to use and delay the problem. Instead of the owner replacing the battery at a convenient time when it's degraded but still working, the battery will limp along until it unexpectedly fails. It might fail when the owner really needs to get some data off of it. What would work better is do warn that use their battery is degraded , and give them the option of slowing down the processor to extend its life. That transfers accountability away from Apple and back to the owner where it belongs. Users should be allowed to do stupid things with their devices as long as they accept the consequences. Hiding problems is never the answer, and neither is taking choices away from the device owner.