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Found 4 results

  1. GlenInTuckerGA

    "Messages" problem

    Greetings! Hopefully there is a simple solution for this one. I communicate each day with Messages on my iMac. My husband also uses a Macbook Pro at his work. We have used this chat method for the last 8-9 years. Suddenly two weeks ago, each of us does not show up in the chat on either end. We have tried going through Bonjour through Messages preferences but no luck. (not sure if that is really an issue though) Am I missing something really simple? This all of the sudden stopped working. Thanks for your help! Glen
  2. I have a late-2015 4K retina iMac. I also have 12.9" iPad pro. I can fully charge this iPad in less than 3 hours (while in use!) via the Lightning to USB-C cable & Apple's 29W power wallwart. Is there a way to get USB3 data speeds when syncing the iPad with the iMac? It has USB 3 ports. Is there a way to add USB-C to the iMac via an adapter/dock through the iMac's USB3 or Thunderbolt 2 ports? Thanks! Steven
  3. Chefpyro116

    Graphics or no graphics for iMac

    Hi all, I have a question and I don't seems to know the answer. Do I need the graphics card for the iMac or no? I really don't do alot of video editing but need something to edit some videos. Seems simple enough but I can't seem to know which one is best. thanks, Jeremy
  4. Good Morning Everyone This problem has stumped me. I had a system that was working fine for about 6 months. We have the latest 27" iMac at home running on the home WiFi system that is using a Airport Extreme to connect to the internet, and I have a MacBook that I use around the house. These two, plus the iPod Touch that we also have would connect and run fine over the system together, untill last night. My wife was using the iMac watching a movie from Netflix, when I got home, and I went to open up my MacBook as normal, and as soon as I opened the MacBook, her connection on the iMac stopped and I have not been able to get it back online since. This is just strange, I can use the internet fine with the iMac, but the MacBook is not having any of it. I can open up Airport Utilities in the iMac, and it see's the Airport Express, and the green light is on, but the link to the internet is yellow, so I think that is the problem, but why can the MacBook connect via the same Airport Extreme and not the iMac? Any idea's guy's? I am not that techie, so basic very basic please. Thanks Pete