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Found 6 results

  1. So I have an iMovie for iOS question I'm hoping to get some help on. Apple replaced my daughters iPhone recently and we restored everything from backup. So far it looks like everything restored EXCEPT her iMovie Projects. We have all the videos and source files, but NONE of the projects are there. She stored the project file locally on the iPhone (not on iCloud Drive). I have looked through the entire backup file using iMazing and I can see nothing that indicates where the local iMovie projects are stored. It's not a devastating loss for just annoying. At this point I just want to make sure I'm not missing something. Seems like if you want to keep your iOS iMovie projects (and back them up) you have two options. 1) Store the project files in iCloud Drive or 2) Export the project files from iMovie to iTunes or iCloud Drive manually. They are NOT backed up automatically iniCloud backup nor are they backed up if you do an iTunes backup. Does this seem correct?
  2. Huskermn

    Reverting to earlier iOS?

    I have a couple apps that my iPhone has warned me will not work with 'future' updates of iOS. So, I am now hesitant to update to 10.3.2. Can I backup to my computer and then restore to a previous version of iOS or does the restore just get my data, etc. back? Thanks, folks.
  3. joenspa

    Photo Deleting Craziness

    Photos is about to drive me nuts. Some of my Photos automatically download to my laptop but not all of them. I will admit I have not done full blown trouble shooting on this but I don't see pattern. I am NOT using iCloud Photo Library but I am using My Photo Stream. So today I imported from my phone what hadn't been done yet, with the box checked to delete after importing. But because of this craziness I still have 1,931 photos in my camera roll on my iPhone. Anything I imported today is in Photos and My Photo Stream on my laptop but not my iPhone. Anything that has automatically downloaded to my laptop is in My Photo Stream at both locations. If I delete any of the 1,931 photos left in my Camera Roll on my iPhone it deletes it from from the Camera Roll and Photo Stream on my phone but NOT on my laptop. I have found Photos so unpredictable that I kind of quite doing anything with it. It's impossible for me to manage. Do you folks think I have something corrupt or that I just don't understand what Apple wants me to do?
  4. SquillopMedia

    Indie dev!

    Hi, I'm an IT professional by day, but in every spare second, between raising two young children, I taught myself Xcode, Swift, game dev and all the related things! My latest game release is here: http://bit.ly/forestflutter and my first game is here: http://bit.ly/balloonpop99 Oh and there's about 20 sticker packs for iMessage too ! http://bit.ly/2fCfrOi I have absolutely no budget for marketing and I'm struggling to get noticed on the app store. My dream is to one day make this my real job ! I'm a very long way from that so far. anyway thanks for having me on the forum, i'm a Mac nerd for about 25 years and a computer and gadget nerd pretty much my whole life! please let me know what you think about my games and stickers! Adam.
  5. computiNATEor

    Manual Backup Eating All Storage Space

    I'm taking my iPhone 4 (16GB, GSM) into the Apple Store tomorrow to see if I can get the battery replaced. As per Apple's recommendation, I did a full, manual backup to my computer. When I back up my iPhone to my computer manually (I normally use the iCloud backup), however, I notice that suddenly all of the free space on the device evaporates. Nothing new was added; in fact, I wiped my camera roll (which had about 800 MB of pics/vids in it) and ran the back up again, and it all disappeared. 3.4 whole GB are now eaten up by the "Other" category, easily three times larger than it was before. I would really appreciate a solution, as it has made it impossible for me to download podcasts. :-( Thanks, Nate
  6. Hello Adam, I really enjoy your show! You don't skimp on information and I appreciate how thorough you are! I recently became a developer so that I can create an iphone app. I came up with the idea at first and decided to take the leap. I have been studying objective-c and I am 'sloooowly' understanding but it is still difficult to wrap my head around this. I have a background in visual effects, so I am use to planning as much as possible before even starting the actual work, plus I am a visual person. I am taking the same approach with this idea because I feel that programming is all over the place which feels like organized chaos if you ask me. I listened to your show recently about app development and as much as I would love to hire someone to help me with my idea: 1) I dont have the money to do so 2) I want to learn programming so as to maybe do this as a career job So I was wondering how I could go about finding someone to be a mentor and help me understand what I am doing. I also want to trust that they won't give my idea away to others too. Is there a site of iOS mentors like a phone book? Your thoughts on this, as well as anyone else, are greatly appreciated. Finally, I was wondering how to approach developing my app now that we have to have a 32 and 64 bit version. Thanks in advance! Ahart III