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Found 3 results

  1. Chefpyro116

    Moving iTunes library off MBP

    Hi all, I was listening to the Maccast not too long ago and someone wrote in to ask about moving their iTunes library off their MBP. I was wondering which episode of the Maccast if was? are there any benefits to doing this? What about the other users libraries moving too? I have a Mid-2014 MBP with 512 GB SSD currently and would like to make the storage last. Thanks for any info! Jeremy
  2. aussie_chris

    finding missing cover art.

    can anyone suggest a really good app for finding missing art work... i was using iArtwork but that has gone the way of the dodo.. thanks in advance
  3. So we've updated our devices to iOS 8.4, and we don't subscribe to Apple Music... OUCH. The interface is the worst ever. So confused. It's so hard to simply find and play a song. Somehow we create 'up next' lists that override the single song repeat option. It's a visual mess. Home Sharing is missing (we use it all the time from our HTPC Mac Mini). I just want the old music app back, Apple can keep their new music update! Is there a third party music app (ha!) that can play music from the phone that's simple? edit - this probably should be in the mobile apps category, if an admin can move go ahead!