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[POLL] iTunes goes to video?

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I am big fan of the show but new here at the forums. So I thought I would make my first splash here by listening to what you folks think. So I am running this informal poll - let's call it that.


I hope I put this is the appropriate area of the forums.


How many of you think Steve Jobs will be tuning into video with iTunes?


Do you think it will happen despite Steve's points of view on the matter? Analysts seem to believe it will happen sooner then later. What do you think.


Maybe this will get you going, if anything the King Kong parody using SJ and BG should bring some humor to your day.




Thanks and it's nice to be here!

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eh. i think that it will just be another optional feature. i have hear that the music videos will run around $1.99. so that means if you want you can pay a dollar extra to have the video on your iPod to either watch or to just have the song.

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I think there will be a video iPod, but I don't think it will have the exact same form factor as the current iPods. Maybe something like as PSP or something closable for screen protection. I don't know, just guessing.


The video iPod will be nice, but the real goal needs to be creating a movie store similar to the music store. I don't like to store movies as DVDs or VHS tapes, so I don't buy any. However, I'd be more likely to purchase a movie over the internet if I can store it and a thousand others on my computer, the price is right, and I can show it on my TV.


Entertainment is moving into a digital online distribution whether industry executives like it or not. I'd like to see Apple create the first store and device so people can use their movies like they do their music. I think movie studios would be wise to seriously consider the iTunes Music Store model as a good way to sell their content.



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