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Problems with iStat nano Widget

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I have the iStat nano widget on my Core Duo MacBook, and it works great. However, the temperature and fan readings don't work at all. I downloaded this: http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/21620


The new kernel is supposed to enable these features I think. After some crazy Terminal work, I think I have it installed...but I'm still not getting any temp and fan readings. Any ideas?


I'm not the most tech savvy Mac user, so try to not get too geeky on me. Thanks!

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Try the full blown iStat Widget or the iStat App(I find this more useful than the widget)




However fans will still not show up (not supported yet) Also even though it says you need the speedit kernel extension I don't remember ever installing it.



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I use the full version called iStat Pro, but I also have a G5 based system. There could be something in the widget with the code that checks the fan and temp readings that is not working quite right on the Intel based Macs.

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