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The switch

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Having used Windows for sometimes up to 14 hours a day the past 20+ years for business and pleasure, it never occurred to me to switch to a Mac until I saw the iMac 24” for the first time back on October 14th 2006 - I just had to have it. Admittedly the fact that the new Mac’s have Intel processors and hence able to run Windows natively gave me the added comfort of being able to change my mind and just have a really pretty machine running Windows.


After having used Windows for many years - you get used to re-booting, re-installing, hanging applications - not to mention viruses and spyware - in fact you hardly even get upset about it anymore, you just re-boot and wait for the time it takes to get back to what you were working on (if it is still there that is).


With Mac it is a different experience altogether - you actually get to spend nearly* all your time using the computer for what it was intended to be used for - and not just trying to figure out why something is not working. In short - it just feels right!


One of the first things I did was to install Bootcamp and Windows XP - I booted up 2-3 times in Windows on the Mac but although I have probably never seen Windows XP run better - it just did not feel right being on a Mac running Windows. I then installed Parallels and got Windows XP installed there in case I needed it (which is rare now) and I removed the Bootcamp install alltogether.


I did not find it hard at all using Mac OS X - it sort of comes natural, in fact a lot of things are so easy / automated (like connecting to the Internet, your local network access, printer/camera setup etc) that you don't even think about it and you happily forget the many hours spent on Windows setting up the same things - and not wanting to ever go back.


Sadly I was very unfortunate a week ago - by updating my iMac with the latest Firmware the logicboard was damaged and I had to have it replaced. After getting the machine back I updated to the latest Firmware version without any problems so I take it this was just a really rare scenario and although I was really upset and disappointed when it happened, my confidence in Apple was fully restored as soon as I got my iMac back and switched it on after a week on my old Windows machine.


One of the other great things about being a Mac user is that you instantly feel you are part of a passionate community that loves the products and really try to help each other.


* Except when you get carried away trying out all sorts of new things on your Mac as there are so much available out of the box and not least available online.


PS. Thanks for making the Maccast - I really enjoy it!

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