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How do yu get a hi 8 tape on to you computer

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A hundred tapes? Wow... and I thought I had a challenge ahead of me with fifty (Video 8) tapes! The suggested camera purchase is probably going to be your best bet - but you might consider buying a second-hand player if such can be found, say, on eBay - providing, of course, it has a DV (i.e. Firewire/iLink) output. Whichever route you go make sure your tapes will play in the device - the question "Is the Hi8 tape content in Hi8 format or Digital8 format?" being relevant here. (To quote one of the pages on Wikipedia which I gave a link to earlier... Some Digital8 equipment can play (not record) Hi8/Video8 recordings, but this is not a standard feature of Digital8 technology.) Again, I can't advise you on make and models as I am only directly familiar with Video 8 equipment - I having a camera and a friend of mine having a player I can borrow if need be - and then I'll have to use my Pinnacle Systems "MovieBox DV" to convert from analog to digital. Whatever route you take do read the whole of this multi-page article, which I mentioned before, as it gives some good general advice.

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