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Licensing Mac OS X

Would you still purchase Apple hardware if Mac OS X was licensed to PC manufacturers?  

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    • Yes, The right hardware greatly adds to the over all Macintosh user experience.
    • Maybe, When it comes to hardware, it really all depends on my bottom line.
    • No, Many PC manufactures offer reliable hardware at considerably lower costs.

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jkish2    0

Setting the days of Power Computing aside, Apple firmly believes that licensing the Macintosh operating system to other computer manufacturers would seriously cut into their hardware sales.


Needless to say, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the issue anyway, but please exclude the iPod line from consideration when it comes to casting your final ballot. :wink:

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red5230    0

If I really wanted cheap prices for a Mac, I would go out and buy a used G4 or iMac over a Dell or other crap PC running OS X any day.

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adamf    0

The thing that brought me over to the Macintosh was my experiences with laptop hardware when I went to college.


I had an eMachines laptop with awesome specs, but the hardware felt fairly cheap and flimsy. Especially the monitor, which turned out to have a manufacturing defect where the hinges would develop cracks. I went through four of these that all had the same problem before I gave up and bought a Compaq laptop instead.


This one was much better, but I kept feeling upset about the bulk of the thing. It was a pretty nice laptop with a great display and pretty sturdy construction, but it was quite thick and a bit heavy. Then I started having freezing problems when I would play video on it. After a barely-understandable tech support guy walked me through the most asinine rudimentary steps to try and fix it, I learned that the problem may have been a memory incompatibility. That's right, the memory installed by the manufacturer was causing system freezes.


Well I had been ogling Apple hardware for a while, and being so fed up I spontaneously bought an iBook and sold my Compaq on eBay. It was the sturdy, sleek, and lightweight Apple hardware, not the operating system, that caught my interest.


So needless to say I love Apple's hardware and would not give it up.

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I love Mac OS X. I am geek enough to try and install it onto a Generic Intel Box. But I don't know if I like the idea of OS X available to anyone who wanted to install it to their Intel boxes.


The main reason is compatibility. Half of why Windows sucks is it is trying to be everything for everyone. When you set out to make everyone happy, you eventually make everyone mad.


To keep the "just works" ideology, Apple needs to control the hardware so the software Just Works.


Would I love to see Apple release OS X for any ol' Intel and take on Microsoft? Yeah. Do I want to see Apple switch places and land firmly in the mud that Microsoft now stands in? No.


If any company can sell to anyone and still control the experience it is Apple, I just don't know if they want to do something like that.

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