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open link from mail behind mail

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when you get a mail message with a link inside ande you want to open the link but keep reading your mail message all you gave to do is hold down the command key whe clicking on the link.


I find this useful when there are mutiple links in an email or you are opening links from mutiple emails.

Without this trick I would have to click link one then I would be switched in to my web browser and would have to switch back to click the next link.

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From a security standpoint (fishing sites) it is unwise to click on links in e-mail messages. The link can be spoofed very easily and point to a site that exactly looks like the site you're used to.


Sensible security tips for all operating systems:

  • never open e-mail attachments
  • never click on links in e-mails
  • don't run as an administrator if you don't have to

I know it's a pain, but security isn't supposed to be easy. It is supposed to make it hard for any outside attacker to compromise your system (which is both your computer, and you, the user).

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