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"Rebroadcast" mode error

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Many of you, I'm sure, are aware that your Mac can act as a wireless repeater of sorts, it can read a connection and rebroadcast it through many many means (Airport, Cat-5, maybe even Bluetooth)


Anyways, I was wondering, on one of my connections when I try and take the WiFi conenction and rebroadcast it, the window just closes when I hit the check box.


Is this a network admin error, or can I not use the airport to both receive and send?

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I pretty sure that since the airport card only has one antenna it can only either send or recieve, not both. You can get external Wifi devices that can act as both,

--Tangent Alert--

and even some which use multi-channel for extra stability. This is where they recieve in 802.11A and send on 802.11B/G (or vice versa)


This concept is also used in mesh networking, which is a really cool concept, but expensive to deploy in a home or small office environment. Still it can be achieved using a few Wifi dongles, if you have machines that are always on.

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