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A Podcast for Music-Paced Running: The JogTunesIndie Podcast

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I just completed all the requisite items for publishing my first podcast, The JogTunesIndie Podcast. I call this a "run-to" podcast as opposed to a runcast because it's solely meant for people to run to the songs on the podcast. The commentary is minimal. The runcasts I've heard are mostly podcasts that are created while the host is runnng.


I believe that this is the only run-to podcast featuring indie songs. DJ Steveboy's Podrunner is another run-to podcast, but, unlike my podcast, he offers mostly electronic music. If anyone knows of another indie music run-to podcast, please let me know at comments@jogtunes.com.


Like many new podcasters, I was accepted by iTunes, but the album art image doesn't appear in the listing. I understand it takes awhile. I believe the xml code is correct. If anyone has any suggestions, please send them to comments@jogtunes.com. Here's the xml link: http://jogtunes.com/jogTunesPodcasts/rss3.xml.


The concept is similar to the one I publish on my label artists running music website, jogTunes.com. The songs are BPM rated and sequenced for a 30 minute run with warm-up, easy run, peak run, and cool-down tempos (BPMs). I call this music-paced running because it involves running exactly to the beat, kind of like dancing. It's really fun and highly motivating.


Thank you Adam and the Maccast for this opportunity to post new offerings.

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Cool concept. I am going to try it out. I have been looking for running music, getting a little tired of my Arctic monkeys/bad religion mix.

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