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Disco is a real fancy pants disc burning utility with bells on.


It can read and write and burn .iso and .dmg images, write hybrid discs so your Linux and Windows chums don't have to install software which can read Mac OS X formatted discs and, most usefully of all for someone like me, who often needs to burn more than the 4 point something gig of data which can be crammed on one DVD, can automatically judge how many discs you need, using a feature called Spandex, to back-up a whole project and spread the session out across multiple volumes.


It also creates a catalogue of all your burned disc's contents so you can search for something you've burned in the past and quickly find which disc it's on - very handy for those of us who can't break the habit of writing meaningless tags on discs, which don't help in a couple of weeks time when you need to quickly find something important.


It has a slick gray on transparent black interface with a cute smoke effect, which billows out of the top of the burn indicator window pane when it's writing a session which you can blow around using your built in microphone and, if you're using it on a laptop, it has an intelligent movement sensor which prevents errors if the train carriage rocks around suddenly and jars the write head of your burner.


You get 7 free burns before you have to pay the reasonable $14.95 (£7) shareware fee, which I think is worth it for the ability to burn hybrid discs and the Spandex feature alone.



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