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Couldn't Download GeekBrief.TV

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A couple of weeks ago before episode 97 my internet connection was painfully slow- 48 kbps download. I called Charter and complained. The tech had me go into Network/ TCP/IP /and input the following into the "optional" DNS Servers field: All of a sudden my download speed went up to 650 kbps- not the 1.5mbps I am paying for but an improvement. It was after this change I couldn't get anything from Podshow- including you and Dawn and Drew. It took me a couple of weeks to make the connection between the two events.


It occurred to me that it was after this change I couldn't get GeekBrief. I went in and changed it back and downloaded all the recent episodes.


Can someone please explain to me why this happened? In simple non-tech terms.

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hmm, Try the OpenDNS servers and see if they work, input and/or into the optional DNS field. Could be the sites being blocked through their server for some unknown reason, or who knows what else.

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