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If your gonna switch, do it right!

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Hi All


I am new to the forums, and thought and good way to introduce myself would be to tell the story of my switch, so get some popcorn , get comfy and gather round :-)


I was a Microsoft and Novell engineer for about 6 years. I worked in helpdesk, and as a call out engineer, in the UK, Austrailia and New Zealand. When I first moved to New Zealand I was going out with this loverly girl who was also a graphic designer, and I had already borrowed a G3 powerbook from a friend of mine to play around with whilst I was living in Sydney, but seeing what my girlfriend could do with her machine really got me interested.


I tried out the waters by getting myself a 2nd hand g3 clamshell iBook to play around with. Then, even though it was 2 girlfriends later, I finally bit the built and got myself a shinny new top of the line G4 Powerbook and a 3g iPod, and an iPod for my girlfriend at the time. I have got every girlfriend since an iPod, I gotta stop getting dumped,,, it is costing me a fortune in iPods :rolleyes:


Now hear is where I may have taken it a little too seriously. Within 6 months of getting my Powerbook, I had quit my job and started working as an ASC in retail stores. I am now working as a training developer for for mac type stuff, and love my job :D


Thats all for now B)

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Very similar to myself in that it was actually a girlfriend who got me into looking at Macs, I used to work with Windows based PCs and now I work as a workshop manager for an AASP in England. Good story man, welcome to the forums and I hope you stick around (I might have someone to play with in the "we work with Apple products" space).

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