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Smart Playlist help

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I am trying to setup a smart playlist with the following rules, but am having troubles.


I would like a "No Repeat Favorites" playlist with the following rules:

All my 4 and 5-star rated songs

Have not Played in the last 2 days

Have not been skipped in the last 2 days.


Those are all easy and I have it setup, but i have one more request that I cannot figure out how to do. I would like my list to take out all versions of the same song if one has played. For example, I am a huge Dave Matthews Band fan and have 7 different versions of the song "Antsmarching" I would like to have a rule so that when one of the versions is played, all 7 are taken out of rotation for the next two days so I don't have multiple versions of the same song play while I am working.


Thanks for all of your help!

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I don't think this is possible. It requires if-then structures that are not available with Smart Playlists.


How I wish Apple would let us advanced users construct playlists with SQL-like SELECT statements...

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