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-48 error when syncing

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I've started getting a -48 (unknown) error since I updated to 1.2.1.



I've been to the Genius bar twice now, and for some reason it's worked there, although I've tried the following at home:


Different iPod cable.

Removing all the usb devices from my mac apart from the iPod.

Restoring the iPod.

Erasing it using disk utility.


The only solution at the moment is to wipe it and copy my library over each time. This is a bit tedious since I've pretty much filled up a 60gb ipod!


I'm using a C2D MacBook Pro with 10.4.8 and all the latest updates btw.


So, any ideas?

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This is proving to be a problem for a lot of people, unfortunately Apple don't seem to have a fix yet. It's been generating a ton of responses on the Apple Support threads.


I'd suggest you check out this thread "Software 1.2.1 (-48) Error, The saga continues................", it's a long thread so happy reading.


These solutions seem to be working for a number of people:

  1. Format your iPod to FAT32.
  2. Set your iPod to Disk Mode and configure iTunes to NOT start when you plug your iPod in. Run Disk Utility Repair Disk everytime you plug your iPod in before opening iTunes.

Unfortunately different fixes seem to work for different people, so what works for you may be one of the other solutions on offer.

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Formatting to Windows worked, but it's less than ideal since my iPod runs slow as hell and takes an age to sync.


Just hoping that Apple finally admits that there's a problem and issues a fix.


Thanks for your help.

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Just thought I'd update and let you guys know that I've found a fix - well hopefully it will stick.




I have been having other kinds of problems with syncing. Sometimes it just won't, sometimes it hangs for ages. Sometimes it fails to even recognise the ipod in itunes. That article is very good, thank you. I might just wait for another update tho, I am not keen to wipe my ipod completely since I haven't got enough room on my computer for all the files :(

I'll save it as a last resort...


Can you, or someone else, explain the FAT32 thing...


My son has his ipod PC enabled, and mine is Mac. He can plug his ipod into my mac and it mounts as a hard drive, but I can't do this on his PC. Is this because his is formatted differently? Is it possible for me to be able to use my mac-formatted ipod as a hard drive on the PC?

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This is because Windows is a bit backward. It doesn't know that HFS+ exists. You'll need something like this: http://www.macdisk.com/mden.php3


Although I really wouldn't recommend having your only copy of your music on your iPod. To be honest, they're not that reliable. Hard drives are so cheap, it seems silly not to have adequate backups now.

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