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a real good switcher

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well i'm a real gamer and i built my own rig for 2300$$ windows, this is my strictly gaming PC NO MS WORD here lol anyways i needed a computer for schoolwork (yeah its important too) i was looking at dells but i wanted a mac because of the ease of use and the style. i bought it and i was amazed at what it could do. its better then a windows pc by leaps and bounds. it was amazing i soon bought 2 more macs and ended up not using my gaming rig (school and i was in love with my new macs) so i sold it and bought a 20" imac g5


im in love with my macs and now i am all mac here

tech support is awesome too, i had a prob with a superdrive and tech support had it fixed in 15 min (NO WAITING AT ALL!!!)


very happy with apple

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sweet i was lookin at the imac g5 but decided to go with the powermac instead and i love it, i also have an emac and its right here in my room, but its on the floor next to my desk lol and i'v had my computer for like 3-4 weeks now, im just too lazy to move it lol

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