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NetBarrier vs. Little Snitch

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Great, just downloading NetBarrier which has a 30 day free trial (you can use all the features). If you want to buy it, it's approx £50 [1]



It's useful. (I think) it stops apps 'phoning home' without your consent. You have to really trust apps not to phone home. In the Mac world, it's very unlikely that there is spyware or malicious software that will snoop on you


(an example may be the iTunes mini-store which is kind of creepy as it could potentially snoop on you, although Apple says 'Honest guv, we don't') [3]



There is a video tutorial on Little Snitch. Just downloading it here: http://www.twit.tv/node/4459 [2]


But the major issue is that the demo version is limited (switches off after 3 hours). It also looks kinda complicated.


Also, ironically, it blocks apps from 'phoning home' apart from itself





I'll stress again that I don't think any of this is necessary (maybe for the uber paranoid), but it's interesting to know.









[1] £50 seems expensive. But maybe it's worth it for added piece of mind. I just want to know if others would recommend it.


[2] I hope Adam doesn't mind me linking to this free podcast.


[3] This is UK slang, if you are American, it will make no sense

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