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Has anyone else tried Tubular yet? The beta was released earlier today for pre-order customers only. Personally, I am not very impressed at this point. There are several flaws that make this app pretty unusable. I would hold off for now on purchasing it if you were considering it, but haven't actually done it. It looks like it'll be a promising application, but at this point it isn't quite ready (as it is in beta)


An update:

The dev has released multiple updates today trying to fix any major issues that have been encountered. I was worried that it would take time to get any sort of update judging by the amount of time it took to release the first beta version (after promising deadlines that weren't met) But I have to say that he's done a nice job so far. I also sent in my comments about the features that were not working, and I got a nice response from the developer himself several hours later. I think that this will be a really nice application once it has been released.

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The pre-order is 12.99. At this point, I would not spend the money on it. It just isn't useable at this point. Going to YouTube is so much easier.

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Alright, it's been more than a month now, so I feel I should update this thread. The program still doesn't work. I requested a refund, since I can't even search for videos with longer search terms, but have yet to get a response. Has anyone else purchased the app? What are your thoughts?

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