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Joe A

Copying music to new Mac

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I just purchased a new iMac and copied my iTunes library from my G3 (OS X 10.2.8) i Mac. I was able to use Target disk mode to drag my Itunes library folder on to the G5 iMac. All of the songs copied but I didn't get any of my playlists, ratings or playcounts. I know these are in an xml file and that file was copied (I think) when I moved the music folder. I had the same issue with my photos in iPhoto, got all of the images but no roll numbers, albums or keywords.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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well i kinda did the same thing with my old imac (same OS as yours) to my new iBook (10.4.2).


All that information for itunes is located in the itunes folder and it's called itunes library or itunes 4 music library, for me it's like 4 mb and i have 2500 songs so i don't know if the size varies or not. Also the symbol to the left of the text (itunes 4 music library/itunes music) is they same as that of a song - it's not a folder.


PM for help or any questions because i had trouble figuring this out at first when i got my ibook too.


Good Luck!

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