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Who Buys From MacMall

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That's a shame. I took a look at MacMall's return policy on Apple Products, and it is true that they won't take it back. Apple will repair it though, if it is in warranty, so it really isn't a big deal. That's what you get for buying at a discounted price from someone other than a manufacturer, but the product is warranteed. It is nice that apple will swap a monitor with you, but you can't just expect an online retailer to do the same (in my opinion) Online shopping is far different in the level of service than what you get from Apple and their retail stores. I bought an iBook from MacMall a little over a year ago, and haven't had any problems (thank goodness) with my product.

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A friend bought a laptop from MacMall and got an extended warranty from them -- not an Apple Care warranty.


After the Apple one year warranty ran out his superdrive went bad. He sent it in to the service center for his MacMall warranty and they repaired the machine. A few months later he had more trouble with the superdrive so he sent it back in. They then contacted him and said they weren't going to fix it because the screws holding the superdrive in place had been stripped. They claimed he was the one to do it.


I now avoid MacMall like the plague. Also, I won't buy any extended warranty offered by a third party.

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