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!! Help Needed !!

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I am reaching out to the MacCast community to help me think of all the things I need to do to remove all of my personal stuff from my Power PC G5 running 10.3.9, by end of business tomorrow.


I need to keep all the work stuff in place so I cannot just wipe it clean.


So far all I can think of is the deauthorization of this machine with iTunes.


Mail, Keychains, prefs etc. What am I missing.


I'm sure some of you may have been here before and your advice would be helpful.


Thanks in advance.

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delete your caches, and clear all of the information in your web browsers, e.g. cookies and bookmarks.


delete any applications you installed that are not for work.


what else





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if it your only your account and you have admin, you could create a new account and trash the old account.




my bad. didn't realize it was too late.

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There are several options:

  • create a new admin account, remove the old account(s), put them in the trash and securely empty the trash
  • use a program to securely remove files and overwrite free space (e.g. ShredIt X)
  • format the harddisk (booting from the install CD or DVD, by pressing the Option key at boot time and selecting the install CD or DVD) and reinstall Mac OS X, then install any updates from Apple

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For future use one thing I always do with work computers is create a password protected disk image on the desktop. Then while I am working at a company I keep anything personal in that disk image. I never use the keychain, address book or ical for anything personal and I download camino and use it for my web browser. If I should have to leave in a hurry then I delete my disk image and camino and I am pretty much clean. I also don't ever send personal email through work email, instead always using the secure https:// google page. It's certainly not military grade but it does the trick.

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