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X10 Automation in OSX?

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Hi everyone.


I have been thinking of setting up one of those cool X10 systems, so I can automate some of the stuff in my house. I have checked out the X10 site (though I swore I never would because of the days when they were the king of pop up ads), but I couldn't find any mention of software that will run on OSX. Does anyone know of any software/hardware combination that will work with a modern mac (mac mini)?


Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind a combination that would run on a mac classic (better to use it than to just have it as a conversation piece on a shelf).

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Well I can't think of any off the top of my head but I do know that there are some, a few for that matter. So just keep searching and not only that there was an article in MacWorld about it and they suggested some good stuff. I bet you could find some there. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful but at least I am sure it's out there.

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MacTech magazine ran some articles sometime ago about this subject. You might go search their archive for the articles. They were on home automation in general, but did talk a lot about using the X-10 interface.


They also mentioned some software that controlled X-10 devices called XTension. I have no idea how good this software is, but they do say it runs on OS X.


This is an interesting subject. if you persue it, post back to the forum on your results, good or bad. I for one would like to know how it works out for the Mac.

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I have a friend who's a Mac Geek and using an X10 system. I sent his question to you for some advice. His reply is below.




A good combination for a Mac mini would be to use Indigo which works with

USB powerline interfaces like the PowerLinc USB, PowerLinc, CM-11, and

LynX-PLC interfaces.




A great solution for older Macs (going back as far as the Mac Plus!) and

what I use is Xtension. It will run well on your Classic and uses serial

interfaces like the common and inexpensive CM-11. Xtension has great

Applescript support as well and a website filled with great tutorials.




Also, you can get everything you need without going to the obnoxious x10.com

site. See the above sites for links or try:




Good luck and have fun.



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Thanks for the replies, guys.


I'll be moving in about a month, so I'll research my options now, and decide what plan to follow when I get moved in.


I'll keep you posted as I make progress. This looks like it's going to be a fun project!

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