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Applecare Checklist - Extras

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I just wanted to make an extra comment about the Pre-Applecare checklist.


With regards to setting up an new user account for the purpose of checking faults, I think its a MUST to make a new user account when your mac is working fine. I have seen a couple of issues crop up that would not allow me to see the desktop, so making a new user then is out of the question.


Make a new user while you can, give it full admin access rights & then don't use it & have it ready to go when trying to trouble shoot.


The way I operate is; I setup an account called Admin when I first installed OSX, this has the full access & I then I setup another user as my name & this is what I use for day to day running.


Hope this helps.

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good tip. Another password related tip I left out... Once you have determined you are sending it into Applecare, change the password on that account to something generic since Apple will want the login. That way you are not disclosing your personal password to Apple.

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