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Manipulate your voice on iChat

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I've been struggling for this to work all weekend but I finally had some great "conversations" with some friends yesterday. :D So here's what you do:


1. Grab Jack OS X at http://www.jackosx.com and install it.

2. Start up a Jack server through JackPilot with sample rate 44100 (or else GarageBand will not accept step 3).

3. Start up GarageBand and iChat. Change the sound input and output of these apps to Jack Router. Don't close the "Video" preference pane on iChat, that will cause iChat not to appear in Jack!

4. Go to the Jack Routing (through JackPilot) and direct the sound flow properly. You want the microphone (in my case Built-in-audio) to send audio to GarageBand and GarageBand to send it's output to iChat. You connect / disconnect by double-clicking. When you select a port, the ports connected to that one turn red. Be sure to remove the microphone as an input to iChat.

4. Create a new vocal track in GarageBand and add whatever effects and filters you'd like. Be sure to turn monitoring on! That's what iChat picks up(!).

5. Connect your earbuds and call up a friend on iChat! Imagine his/her surprise when you sound like a demon from the pits of hell! :rolleyes:


Be sure to deselect Jack from GarageBand and iChat before turning off the Jack server. Unfortunatly, you'll have to go through all these steps everytime you want to use the setup.... :unsure:


Enjoy! I sure had lots of fun with this! ;)

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