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Macbook (non pro) rumors!

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"Digitimes claims that Apple will be shipping 15.4" MacBooks in the second quarter of 2007:

Apple is planning to introduce 15.4-inch MacBooks in the second quarter of 2007, according to industry sources in Taiwan. The new model will fill the gap between the company's 13.3-inch MacBooks and the 15.4- and 17-inch MacBook Pros that form its current notebook line up, and is expected to boost shipments of Apple's Intel-powered MacBooks, the sources add.


Historically, Digitimes has not been very accurate with their predictions, but a number of recent Digitimes rumors have been corroborated, if not confirmed. (LED-backlit Laptops, Apple Notebook with Robson Caching)"


As said by Mac Rumors http://www.macrumors.com/2007/02/15/...-quarter-2007/


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I call BS. Not only is there not a gap, but it would completely negate the point of the MacBook being around at all. The 13.3" display, at such high resolution is a perfect filler for the gap of the great 12" models of the past and the gastly 14" models which really didn't sell. The sizes are perfect right now and there are only a limited number of people unhappy with them and they want 12"ers back, not 15" MacBooks.

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