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Best Note Taking Program

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Does anyone know of a all-purpose Note Taking program that will allow you to not only type text notes with RTF but also allow you to create simple diagrams as well as cut n' paste images... etc. What do high-school and college students use these days?

I tried SoHo Notes and find it cumbersome. YojimBo is sorta the same. Suggestions?


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Hello. I used a program called NoteBook for a while, and then someone pointed out to me that Microsoft Word on the Mac has a nice notebook mode. It has a "pen" for drawing, but I find it hard to use for that. It's good for taking notes, though. I tend to use OmniGraffle for drawings, etc. in class... it used to be included w/ the Mac, but unfortunately it's not anymore.


Good luck finding the solution that works for you!

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I like the free application "Mori", but I haven't used it a lot. It seems very simple and organized. I have heard a lot about DEVONthink and DEVONnote, and that they should be really searcable, but personally, I can't find my way around...

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