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MainMenu Review

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I've been spreading the MainMenu love for a while now, but it really deserves it. MainMenu deals primarily with the maintenance of your mac, from everything like restarting the dock or dashboard to showing or hiding invisible files in finder, its simply a powerhouse hidden behind a nifty icon that resides up by the land of Airport & Bluetooth.

( I've named it the AirBlueSpot )


Rather than rewrite my entire review, I'm going to be very cheeky and post a link to it on my blog. Excuse the spelling errors!




Thanks, hope you understand the state of general rampant RSI i'm experiencing right now :P


* oops. forgot to include a link to the mainmenu homepage, its:



And also: MainMenu is Free. Glorious free. :D *

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Ok so how does it stack up to app's like onyx and cocktail.

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I've been using MainMenu for a while now... It's a extremely neat program. It will even show/hide hidden files in the finder and restart my dock without me having to mess around too much :D

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