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Michael Wheeler

Handbrake Issues

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I have tried to use Handbrake to rip some DVDs. Each time the process take the full amount of time to complete, but the output file only plays for 30 to 600 seconds. Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong? Are there some settings that I am missing?

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Are you making sure you selected the right title/chapters when you ripped it?

Try playing it in VLC.

Whats the filesize of the outputted file? What quality settings/encoders are you using, maybe try switching to a different one.

Are the DVDs scratched?

Try ripping them first with Mac The Ripper and then run Handbrake on the Video_TS folder.

Try MediaFork, a kinda updated Handbrake (search for it on versiontracker.)

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Your disk might have some type of copy protection that Handbrake can't crack. I'd try MactheRipper, then convert the VideoTS file to something else with either VisualHub or Handbrake.


I could be wrong though. Maybe your disk is scratched or dirty.



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