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Die Frau

Total n00b Inside...

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Hey Guys.


Newish to Macs


Newer to Podcast


New to the MacCast


Very New to the forum


Happy to see that there is a strong group out there that can help us total n00bs find the answers we seek. It is funny how after working on the Macs for a while, you just expect things to work, but then you find that they can work even better...


Anyway, I will try to add as many pennies to the "Give a Penny, Take a Penny" tray as I can...


Here is a list of the Hardware my wife and I use, all aquired in the last 18 months - so I am still new.


G4 Tower, got it for free - don't know much else about it.

12" Powerbook G4

13" Macbook, Black

6GB iPod Mini

4GB iPod Nano

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Hey, I guess I'm a newbie on the forums here too, but just to throw in my welcome to the forums! Nice to have you here, and nice hardware!

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If u want to know more about that G4 tower just look for "About this Mac" under the apple menu. It tells you processor speed, amount and type of ram, and start up disk in a cute little simple window. There's a "More Info..." button with a ton more info about your computer. If you even care to know more.


If you REALLY want to know more, get an app called MacTracker and find your computer. This small app has tons of info on every apple computer os and other device. It even plays the startup chimes from various macs. There's also www.apple-history.com which has cool info about old apple computers.

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