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Chris Searle

Coverflow (video) artwork cached?

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Just wondered if anyone has a clue on this one?


I have several .mp4 videos (h264 codec) imported into iTunes. iTunes by default sets a frame (the poster frame) as the artwork.


While playing the video via iTunes - I get to the image I want as the artwork and choose "Set Poster Frame".


In iTunes - in the get info window, in the artwork viewer (bottom right) and in grouped with artwork view the new poster frame is used as the artwork. But - in Coverflow view it shows the image that iTunes chose when it originally imported the file.


Any clues as to where this might be coming from ?

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Turned out to be my own fault :)


When I had several movies in the same set - I had set the album field to the same (the name of the set).


What does cover flow do with album art - yes - it grabs the same art for all items in an album.


Removed the album setting and all movies are now showing their own cover art in cover flow.

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