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Backup Address Book

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I have searched forever trying to find a simple way to backup my address book with Automator. I know there are lots of ways to backup data. I know it's not that hard to do it manual either. I started out looking in Automator to see if there was something there but couldn't figure it out.


The reason this came up:

This morning I wanted to send an email to my brother and typed his name but it didn't auto-fill the address. I went to address book and there was not one contact in the list. WOW! That has never happened before. I just sent an email last night and it worked fine.


I am thinking it might have happened when I synced my ipod last night before I went to bed.


Every once in a while it when I sync the ipod it tells me I need to restore. I reboot the ipod and the G5 and it works. (usually).


Anyway, I have seen a few ways to back up the address book database from /library/application support/address book/

But when I back that up, how would I import that? It doesn't. Would I just take the backed up version of that folder and overwrite the one in my user folder?


Thanks for any help.


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Just do that, replace the folder in your user folder with the one you have backed up.


The only problem i can think of happeneing is if you do the backup with the system being 10.4.9 and you re-build your computer from scratch. The computer would now be at 10.4.3 (or whatever your original system disks are). I don't know if it would hiccup by trying to replace a newer version addressbook with an older version, if you get what I mean.



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