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DNS settings

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So I have no idea what the Domain Name Servers actually do. I heard it being mentioned on the MacCast about changing your DNS to help flag fishing websites and that some had reported a more stable internet connection. But I thought you had to use a particular DNS that your ISP gives you. I in particular have constant connection hanging when surfing the web. I'm constantly refreshing Safari. Will changing my DNS help fix this or does it have nothing to do with that.


If anyone could help explain DNS or point me in the right direction of why I have a refresh problem that would rock. Thanks :P



My Modem is:



The settings are:


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DNS basically just translates IP addresses (like ) to easier to remember names ( like google.com )

You dont have to use the DNS Servers your ISP runs, there are some like OpenDNS.org that you can use no matter what ISP you have. Some offer advantages like converting stuff like google.comn to google.com to try and correct typos or give suggestions when it doesnt know what address you put it.


Adding more DNS Servers COULD make your internet browsing more reliable only if when Safari is not working

A. Things like instant messaging which use direct connections or already established ones still work


B. You can still ping external IP addresses

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Wow. That OpenDNS.org thing has totally fixed my refreshing problem. So far since applying the DNS address to my Airport and Netgear Modem I haven't had to refresh one single page after a few hours of surfing the web. :)

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