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Record streaming music?

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Does anyone know a good but free program to record any music playing from an internet browers?

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What type of music is this specifically? Is it internet streaming radio or something else?

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Of course, you should have permission to record audio from the internet. But here is what you'll need:

  • Audacity to record audio
  • SoundFlower for a logical sound channel
  • Detour a Preference Pane for System Preferences to redirect the sound of an application

After you have installed all software, you open your System Preferences and select Detour (in the Other section). Add your favorite webbrowser in the Detour PrefPane and select SoundFlower as the Output Device. Now start Audacity, select the preferences (in the Audacity menu, or Command-,). In Audio I/O, for recording, select SoundFlower as the input channel. Keep Audacity open for recording.


Navigate to the website you want to record the streaming audio from. In Audacity start on the red record button to record the audio from the streaming website.


I assume you have permission to record the audio. You cannot use this trick to record commercial audio, etc., because you would probably violate a lot of copyright laws if you did that.

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