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EVDO Powerbook Solutions? PCMCIA USB 2.0 Upgrade?

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Hello All.


I'm new to the forum but LONG time Maccast listener. I have a 500mHz G4 Titanium Powerbook with 1GB Ram, a Dual Layer DVD -R/+R optical drive, 7200RPM 100GB Hitachi Travelstar HD, running OS X 10.4.9. I only have USB 1.1, but have a PCMCIA card slot. I am looking for a FAST EVDO cell system card or USB modem to use with Sprint, Verizon, or some other carrier. The Verizon USB 720 looks good, but I wonder if my old USB 1.1 ports will be a disadvantage over the (faster?) PCMCIA card slot. USB would be more versitile, since I could use it with a desktop if needed. I don't know much about EVDO, so any help would be great. I understand Verizon cancels you if you exceed 5GB in one month, but Sprint does not. I currently use Sprint as my wireless carrier. I've checked www.evdoforums.com but there are not much info on Mac solutions.


I bought a Syba Combo 2.0 CardBus Card which has USB 2.0 and Firewire, downloaded the drivers, but have a hard time getting my 1st Gen Shuffle and my 5th Gen iPod to work; I think I got the Shuffle to work once with several restarts and different combinations of having the iPod attached/no tattached, waving the rubber chicken over your head, so I don't know if anyone has ideas on how to get this card to work right; if I could, maybe the Verizon USB 720 would be a good bet.


Thanks for any help!



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