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DRM Free EMI Albums correction

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Sorry to pick you up on this adam, but at one point, i am pretty sure i heard you say on the most recent maccast (04/04) that you expected DRM free albums from EMI to cost slightly more, and you had a rough guess at $12.99.


Why i hope someone can confirm this, but i did listen to the EMI/Apple statement on EMI's website, and I am almost 100% sure that it was mentioned that if you buy an entire album, their will be no extra charge, compared to the DRM free versions


i.e. albums will still cost (for the most part) 9.99 US and 7.99 Pounds etc


I hope someone can back this up, but just in case anyone heard you saying that, and got concerned, I think its the best part of the deal, (well, other than the 256k, I actually am only slightly interested in the DRM free bit)


Get Jammin'



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I knew that too, at least that it was announced that way by Steve Jobs. However, we can only be sure when the new product actually "ships", somewhere in May 2007.

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