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AppleJack - http://applejack.sourceforge.net/


I searched on this forum for a review or mention of this piece of software and haven't found any.


This utility runs in single-user mode (Command-S when booting) when you type 'applejack' without the quotes. Then it gives you a list of options that you can run:


- Repair disk

- Repair permissions

- Cleanup cache files

- Validate preference files

- Remove swap files


Or you can give it the option to run all of them sequentially (called the 'auto pilot' option).


It comes incredibly handy for PowerBooks or MacBooks owners who are out on the road and want to do a simple 'Repair Disk' with Disk Utility, for whatever reason, only to find themselves with the option greyed out. To do such operation you need to have the boot partition unmounted, which is impossible because it needs to be mounted while MacOS is running. Many users don't carry their Install CD or DVD with them to do this, and even less an external drive to boot from (impractical and expensive). It comes even more handy when MacOS X doesn't start and you want to repair permissions without needing to boot up the system completely.


Obviously, it doesn't replace hardcore disk utilities (DiskWarrior, TechTool Pro), but the handyness is obvious from my point of view.


Here's a very good article about the software, although is quite old:



The software is donationware and it's distributed with the GPL License, so it's a good deal all around.

I've been using it since I've switched (two years now) and I highly recommend it.

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Great review, It at first seems a little scary to the casual OS X user, in that it runs in single user mode, which I'd never seen before, but once you follow the simple instructions of restart and hold command S, it couldn't be simpler. Mac OS X's Disk Utility annoyingly would tell me that a volume needed to be repaired and then wouldn't let me, but AppleJack found a way around it.

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