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help needed

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can anyone help an old bugger to

1)find the password manager-as am getting fed up with re-typing passwords all the time ,even when i have checked the box to remember me.

2)how to get my hard drive icon out of the dock and back onto my desktop.

3)get rid of the login box every time i switch my G5 iMac on.getting fed up with all this typing

thanks folks


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  1. Try 1Passwd, see the review on Screencastsonline (blog, video, forum discussion).
  2. The drive in your dock is just a reference (alias), which you can safely drag out of the dock (it vanishes with a "poof").
    To show the drive on your desktop, go into the preference menu of Finder (click on the desktop, and select Preferences in the Finder menu). In the General tab of the Finder Preferences, check Hard Disks, to show hard disks on your desktop
  3. You don't have to log out every time, you can put your Mac to sleep, via the Apple menu.
    But if you really want to, you could deactivate automatic login in the System Preference menu (System Preferences in the Apple menu), in the Security preference pane. However, I strongly advice against this, because if someone (read: a burglar) gets hold of your computer, he can possibly steal your data and credentials, just by turning on the computer.
    If you have a Mac laptop/notebook I would even go so far as to recommend to turn on the requirement to provide a password after returning from a screen saver or sleep mode (you can turn this on in the Security preference pane of the System Preferences).

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1)find the password manager-as am getting fed up with re-typing passwords all the time ,even when i have checked the box to remember me.

Open you hard drive -> applications -> utilities -> keychain. This is the built in password manager and where your safari passwords will be stored.

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I'm not sure what you mean by getting your HD icon out of the dock without deleting it. Icons in the dock are links or pointers to the actual apps or folders. If you want something out of the dock just drag it out and it will go poof affecting nothing except for the dock. To put them back just drag the original back to the dock, there's a dividing line that separates folder icons from application icons, folders on the right by the trash apps on the left.


If there is no hard drive icon on the desktop go to the Finder menu and select preferences. Once there click on the general button along the top and make sure that the box that indicates that you want to show hard drives of the desktop is checked.


Not needing to log on every time is an easy one.

• Under the apple menu select "System Preferences…" Once there select the accounts Preference Pane.

• Now you'll have to click the lock in the lower left corner of the screen to unlock the preference pane. This is the most secure of all preference panes and the only one always locked by default.

• Once you've unlocked it click on the login options button a little ways above the lock. The first item on the list the shows up should say "Automatically log in as:" Check the box to the left of that and then select your name from the list. I believe you'll need to type in your password again, but after that, no more logging in on startup.


I'm again not totally clear on what you mean with activating the password manager. You talked about pages, so I'm assuming you are talking about the internet, and since Safari is the default web browser on the Mac, I'm assuming that's what you're using.

• Open safari and pull up preferences via the Safari menu.

• Once there click on the "AutoFill" tab from the buttons along the top.

• Activate any of the three options that you want.

Now Safari requires that you manually chose to fill a form. This can be done in one of three ways. Chose AutoFill Form from the Edit menu, hit Command(Apple)-Shift-A or put the AutoFill button in your Address Bar and click it.

Don't know how to customize the Address Bar? Read on and find out.

• Chose "Customize Address Bar…" from the View menu.

• Find the AutoFill Forms button and drag it up with the buttons that are already there and put it wherever you want it.

• Click your new button, it's fun and easy.


Safari will turn the background color of the fields it fills in to a pale yellow, this helps identify which fields have been filled, and which have not.


I don't use Safari, I prefer Camino since it has a few options that safari doesn't even if it's a bit slower, so if any of that is wrong, feel free to correct me.


I hope that this helps. If I mine weren't the answers to the questions you asked, please clarify and I'll do my best to help. Good luck.




I wrote this on your last post with the exact same questions. I'm not sure why you made a new one, but i thought these things would help.

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