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Broken iPod for 10% discount on new one

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Since we were recently on the topic of recycling our old Macs, I would like to share my recnet experience with my broken iPod.


It's a 4th gen iPod, most of the time sitting on my Hi-Fi as an alarm clock. What woke me up this past Monday wasn't the usual playlist I had set up, but rather, some unusual noise from within the iPod -- as if the disk head wasn't moving properly in the hard drive. I tried to reset the iPod, connect it to the computer, switch HOLD on and off... etc., but nothing worked. It sounded like the iPod had been trying to reboot itself, for the next 2.5 hours, until it ran out of battery. I took it to an Apple store, and they confirmed my speculation that it was a hard drive problem, and there was really not much they could do other than replacing the hard drive. (Sigh. I just had the hard drive in my PowerBook G4 died on me the week before. :( )


The good news, however, is that, if I decide to get a new iPod, I can bring in this broken one in exchange for a 10% discount on that purchase. I think this is part of Apple's effort in recycling their old products. It will be interesting to know whether Apple provides a similar mechanism for broken Macs.


(That 10% discount, though not that much, has already made me feel less heartbroken over my old iPod.)

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