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Apple TV Wireless Connection Problems

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I've just purchased an Apple TV and am experiencing issues connecting it with my Windows PC (haven't tried my Macbook yet) via the wireless connection.


The Apple TV identifies my Network, accepts the password, makes the required connection and then appears as a device in iTunes but after a short period of time (less than 2 minutes) the Apple TV disappears from iTunes and is no longer connected to the Network.


My PC is running Windows XP Pro and Norton Internet Security 2005 and I have a Belkin router to handle the wireless part of things.


I currently have the Apple TV connected via Ethernet and everything appears to be OK, but that really defeats the point of having a Wireless Media Server like Apple TV.


Any thoughts?

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Have you tried disabling Norton first? It might have a firewall which is blocking one of the Apple TV's ports (?).

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I haven't tried yet but I will do next week. I thought it must be something to do with the settings in either Norton or my router and will repost when I've messed about some more.

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